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News from Stibbington

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Weds 22nd Mar 13.17hrs - This morning we have rescued a distressed polar bear without dropping it into the sea, guided the blind sheep to the pen and used our map skills again in orienteering. Children have visited the shop to buy their souvenirs and have just polished off sausage rolls, sandwiches and a delicious chocolate and banana cake. I don't think they want to come home! Can we keep them?

Weds 22nd Mar 10.44hrs - We are mid team challenge - shout out for Lewis: polar bear rescuer, and to Jasmine for holding Mitchell onto his crate so he didn't fall.

Weds 22nd Mar 08.15hrs - What a bunch of sleeping beauties we have! Excellent night, excellent behaviour. Just tucking into our cereals before our bacon and beans. Might get a bit windy later......

Tues 21st Mar 22.03hrs - All is silent and has been for the last half an hour. They must've been tired! Happy days!

Tues 21st Mar 19.15hrs - Having great fun watching some fab acts in the talent show. So far we've had bongo players, jokers, singers, spoon breakers (with only their mind!!), who will be our winner?

Tues 21st Mar 17.18hrs - Lovely roast chicken dinner tonight but the staff have had to teach a lot of the children how to use a knife and fork to cut their meat!

Tues 21st Mar 15.57hrs - It was touch and go in the air raid this afternoon but thankfully our school building was not damaged and we were able to finish our list of spellings. Most of the children were able to leave the ink in the inkwell, however, some were stylishly wearing it - Finley, Ady, Rose!

Tues 21st Mar 14.15hrs - Spam, spam, spam and more spam! The children have enjoyed a new delicacy for lunch and are now busy playing on stilts, rolling metal hoops and filling sandbags before their afternoon schoolroom lesson begins. Still smiling!

Tues 21st Mar 12.21hrs - Well, what a morning! Stepping off the train at Wansford, our evacuees then walked miles across the sunny countryside to see how the other half live - I mean, to see their new country homes! We have reached the school house and tucked into a good old fashioned spam sandwich.

Tues 21st Mar 08.52hrs - A breakfast of Kings!!!! So much food we shall all explode, much like the bombs we need to take cover from today - it's a dangerous place here in the 1940's.....

Mon 20th Mar 20.23hrs - Settling down for a bedtime story.....wonder if it will work!!

Mon 20th Mar 19.27hrs - And so the showering marathon begins as we all stink of campfire smoke! Kids don't seem to mind though as they have a belly full of marshmallows and a mind full of silly campfire songs. Everyone is still smiling.

Mon 20th Mar 16.33hrs - Hooray! The rain stopped and the sun started shining. Great 4 figure grid reference reading from Hurley, Rose and Lewis. Lots of jumping in muddy puddles, laughing and smiles all round. Even better still, we found the treasure and it tasted yum!

Mon 20th Mar 12.51hrs - Just enjoyed a lovely sandwich lunch with cake for dessert. Now enjoying some indoor games whilst we wait for the rain to ease off a bit!! Aimee-Lee, Sophie F, Lexi and Aoife were our cafe duty team who served lunch and cleaned up amazingly well afterwards.

Mon 20th Mar 10.46hrs - Bags unpacked, beds made. Some very excited children exploring their new surroundings.

Mon 20th Mar 09.30hrs - Arrived safe and sound!