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Dear Parents

We are looking forward to September and all children being able to return to school.  To ensure a safe environment, school routines will be different but children who have been attending this half term have very quickly adjusted to the changes.  This letter sets out our new routines and although I have tried to cover every aspect, there may be occasional alterations as we make sure things we expect to happen work in the way we had planned – there has been nothing like this in the past that helps us!

Arriving at school.

To ensure minimal numbers of people on the school site, the school day starts at different times.   Staff will be on the playground to supervise. Key Stage 2 children (Y3-Y6) will not line up but enter the school and go straight to their classroom. Either drop your child at the gate or come onto the playground and exit through the one way system. For Key Stage 1 children, please avoid standing in the line with your child and wait at the back of the playground behind the chairs.  Please do not arrive too early for your start time.

8.40am - Year 1 and Year 3

8.45am - Year 2 and Year 6

8.50am - Year 4 and Pre-School

8.55am - Year 5

8.45am - Early Years

We have a one way system in operation. Please enter using the Playground gates and exit using the main entrance.  Please avoid walking through bubbles of children.

End of the day.

The day will finish at different times.  Children will be brought out onto the playground in their line where they will wait until the teacher can see the adult who collects them. 

3.00pm - Early Years

3.05pm - Year 1, Year 3 and Pre-School

3.10pm - Year 2 and Year 6

3.15pm - Year 4

3.20pm - Year 5



Pre-school will operate in its own year group bubble.  Sessions will be:

Morning  8.50am – 11.50am

Afternoon 12.05pm - 3.05pm

Prevention and Hygiene

The use of face masks is not required in schools and children and adults will remove these once they enter the school building. Children will need to wash their hands regularly including:

  • On arrival at school
  • After playtime
  • Before lunch and after lunch
  • After going to the toilets

    Children are encouraged to follow the government health advice to ‘catch it’ ‘bin it’ ‘kill it’

    Sanitiser stations are in school and regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces takes place during the day. 

    All members of the school community will need to engage with the Test and Trace system.  We will inform you if someone becomes unwell with covid-19 symptoms.  If a member of the bubble has a positive test, that bubble – and any other bubble the person has been part of e.g. Straw Bears or a club - will need to close for 14 days. 

    Classes and Learning

    Children will work in year group ‘bubbles’ and will socialise at break and lunchtimes with their year group bubble.  Children may have some learning time in small groups in their year group bubble but they will spend the majority of their time in their own class bubble.  Children will be taught the full range of curriculum subjects but there will also be a daily and weekly focus on basic skills such as phonics, spellings, number fact recall etc.

    Classroom tables are spaced out and children will sit in rows, facing the teacher.  Children will share their table with one other person and will be provided with their own frequently used resources such as pencils, rulers etc. in their own school pencil case. Children must not bring items from home. Children will be able to share library/text books but these will be placed into a 48 hour quarantine between uses.

    Adults will be required to keep a social distance from children.  The government guidance recognises that children will not always be able to maintain a social distance but should be encouraged to, when possible. 

    School Uniform

    Children will need to be in full school uniform in September except on PE days.  Children should come to school in their school PE kit.  Even if children are unfit for physical activity they will still have a participating role and should also wear their PE kit.   This will mean that there is minimal transfer of items between home and school.

School Uniform

Red or white polo shirt or white collared shirt or blouse

Grey skirt, pinafore dress, trousers or shorts

Red/white checked gingham dress (summer)

Red or Grey sweatshirt or cardigan (no hooded tops)

Red, white or grey socks

Red or grey tights

No nail varnish or jewellery

Stud earrings only

A watch may be worn

Long hair must be tied up with a plain hairband or bobble in school colours

Plain black school shoe (no open toes, trainers, canvas converse/vans etc)

Pe Kit

School PE T-shirt or plain white t-shirt

Plain black shorts, joggers or leggings

Change of footwear eg trainers or plimsolls

School logo red PE Hoodie or plain red or black sweatshirt

No Jewellery

In the Autumn term, PE days are:

Early Years - Friday

Year 1 - Monday & Friday

Year 2 - Monday & Friday

Year 3 - Wednesday & Friday

Year 4 - Tuesday & Wednesday

Year 5 - Wednesday & Thursday

Year 6 - Monday & Thursday


The government expects that all children will return to school in September and our attendance routines will return.  If your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please contact us on the first day of their absence to explain why they are not attending.  Holidays out of term time should not be taken but if you believe you have an exceptional circumstance, please complete the usual school form which is now available on our website.

School Lunches

Children will eat lunch in their year group bubble.  There will be allocated space and a rota for them to do both outside and inside activities.  Children in Early Years, Year 1, Year 2 and children who are eligible for a Free School Meal will receive a daily packed lunch from the school kitchen, this may be supplemented with additional items from home if you wish.  Other children can order a school packed lunch at the normal cost of £2.30.

Straw Bears Out of School Club

During the period of COVID-19 policies and procedures for the club have been amended to reflect current safety guidance and to allow additional cleaning.

The club will be limited to 30 children, on a first come first served basis.  A booking will need to be made and paid for, using the usual school gateway procedure, at least one week in advance.  If a place is booked and then not used, no refund will be given.  No bookings will be taken after the booking time has closed.  If your child is not going to attend after you’ve booked, please let us know for safeguarding reasons.  Your child will not be accepted if you do not have a place and our usual procedures for Uncollected Children will be carried out with Social Care.

Hours and prices will be:

7.45am – 8.45am £3.50 per session per child

3.15pm – 5.30pm £6.00 per session per child (A late collection charge of £10 will be made if children are not collected by 5.40pm)

If you have completed a contract with us, it will continue.  If you wish to use the facility for the first time, please contact the school office.

In line with government guidance we must draw parent’s attention to the increased risks of children attending multiple settings and activities. 

Bookings can be made from Monday 20th July at 12pm.

After school clubs

We are currently speaking with our providers and assessing the possibilities and practicalities of offering any additional clubs for out of school care.  Any clubs which can start will begin w/c 21 September.

Sensory circuits

We will not be able to offer sensory circuits when we start back in September.  As soon as it becomes possible to safely do so we will invite children to attend.


To reduce numbers of people at the school office please use our email address – or telephone 01733 202403.  Where possible we will also ring or email you.  We will also add more forms and information to our school website


Please keep this information as a guide for when we return in September.  I would like to thank you for your continued support. I know it has been a difficult time for everyone and some people may continue to feel worried about returning but we all have the best interest of the children at heart.


Yours sincerely

Cathy Carlisle