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Support Staff

School Organisation 2016/17

Administration Team

Mrs Deborah Sutton School Business Manager
Mrs Marie Neal Finance Administrator
Mrs Nicola Rippon Receptionist
Mrs Lynne Wright School Administrator
Mrs Jocelyn Sumner Headteacher and Governors Administrator
Mrs Sarah Woods Receptionist/Extended Schools Co-Ordinator/SEN Administrator
Mrs Debra Bavister IT Technician/Library Manager
Mr Rodney Wynn Site Manager

Wellbeing Team

Mrs Denise Burt Inclusion Team/TA Team Leader
Mrs Steph Weller Learning Mentor

Support Staff

Mrs Jackie Ashkettle Teaching Assistant
Ms Pritpal Bouhara Lunchtime First Aid Administrator
Mrs Kristina Buffham Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Deborah Burt First Aid
Mrs Dale Davis Midday Supervisor/Cleaning Team
Mrs Patricia Flatt Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Michelle Freeman Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Janice Greeves Midday Supervisor/Cleaning Team
Ms Cassandra Harding Midday Supervisor
Mrs Valerie Hargrave Teaching Assistant/Cleaning Team
Mrs Mandy Hutchcraft Catering/Breakfast Club
Mrs Susan Iles-Palmer HLTA/Cleaning Team
Ms Ellie Jackson-Neale Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carol McCulloch Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Kathy Lister Midday Supervisor/Cleaning Team
Mrs Maria Locke Teaching Assistant
Mrs Susan Locke Teaching Assistant
Ms Louisa Lorenzo Midday Supervisor
Mrs Michelle Loynes Teaching Assistant
Miss Nikki McCourt Midday Supervisor
Mrs Carol McCulloch Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Beverley Oliver Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Nicola Pickels Teaching Assistant
Mrs Melanie Randall HLTA/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Elaine Rasmussen Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Christine Redhead Cleaning Team
Ms Emma Simmons Midday Supervisor
Ms Lisa Stephenson Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs Jackie Stokes Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Ms Linda Tooley Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kay Turner Teaching Assistant
Ms Tracey Tylor Teaching Assistant
Mrs Grace Walter Teaching Assistant
Ms Sarah Wells Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Ms Janice Woodland Midday Supervisor/Lollypop Lady/Cleaner
Mrs Nicola York Teaching Assistant