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News From Grafham March 2017

Fri 10th March - 14.58hrs - Coach expected back to school 15.10hrs.

Fri 10th March - 13.48hrs - Time to get the bags together while we get ready for the coach home, currently sharing eveything we are proud of.

Fri 10th March - 12.38hrs - Miss Bett's group just finished their last Grafham activity, the 10 mile bike ride. The group made it round in an amazing time, well done!

Fri 10th March - 11.17hrs - Mr Brown's group pushed themselves to the limit on Jacobs Ladder.

Fri 10th March - 09.08hrs - Lots of awesome talent on show last night, an evening full of dance, music, football and magic. Congratulations to Kian for his magic show and Anastasija and Briony for their beautiful singing. Good job everyone!

Fri 10th March - 09.02hrs - A good night for everyone. Bags packed and ready for activities, very impressed that the only lost property was 1 sock and a torch.

Thurs 9th March - 20.38hrs - Awesome Talent Show this evening. Looking forward to a quiet night tonight......

Thurs 9th March - 16.58hrs - All back from their activities, roll on the talent show this evening.

Thurs 9th March - 16.41hrs - Miss Betts group went on the whammel boat (which was incredibly windy) with a slight incident with a few rocks, followed by a very wet trip on the tinker boat and then a very fast speed boat! All very hungry and were certainly ready for lunch. They have just finished climbing and everyone has beaten their attempts every time. They have pushed and challenged themselves to the limit - Miss Betts is really, really proud of everyone.

Thurs 9th March - 15.17hrs - Mr Brown's group are enjoying biscuits in the bay after a great afternoon of sailing.

Thurs 9th March - 12.33hrs - Mrs Palmer's group had a great morning in the sun on Jacobs Ladder and low ropes. Jacobs Ladder very high, but super team work to get to the top.

Thurs 9th March - 10.16hrs - Group C (Mr Brown) are on their way up the climbing wall. Everyone is ready and excited to push themselves to get to the top.

Thurs 9th March - 09.15hrs - The first room inspections have been completed and I must say, we are incredibly impressed!

Thurs 9th March - 08.24hrs - Everyone up having breakfast, we loved hearing the boys singing in the shower! Time for todays activities.

Thurs 9th March - 07.38hrs - All asleep quickly last night. Now getting ready for breakfast. Looks like a beautiful day ahead.

Weds 8th March - 17.04hrs - Mrs Palmer's group just back from the climbing wall. Everyone were superstars. Orienteering tonight and looking forward to high and low ropes and bike ride tomorrow.

Weds 8th March - 17.03hrs - Mrs Shepherd's group had a great afternoon on the water, not much wind for sailing but everyone had a turn on the speedboat.

Weds 8th March - 17.01hrs - Mr Brown's group back from the 10 mile bike ride, nice and muddy, proud of everyone.

Weds 8th March - 16.56hrs - Miss Betts group have all competed their first activity on the high and low ropes! Fears have been conquered with certain members of the group (Tobias, Jude, Ben, Shelby, Anastasija) reaching the very top. A lot of teamwork has been involved and we are all looking forward to orienteering later on tonight. We all had an enjoyable sing-a-long and plenty of biscuits have been eaten.

Weds 8th March - 12.33hrs - Had our lunch, time to make our beds. The children have been fantastic so far!

Weds 8th March - 09.54 hrs - Arrived safely at Grafham Water Centre.