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News from York 2017

Fri 30/6/17 - 12.26hrs - Just on the coach about to leave for home. We have all our limbs and all our belongings! See you soon.

Fri 30/6/17 - 09.57 - We have packed everything into our cases, had our breakfast and completed our final room inspections. We're now heading out for some last minute shopping and to get a final ice cream.

Thurs 29/6/17 - 21.45hrs - The talent show went well. We had acts ranging from singing, comedy, gymnastics and art. We're all now getting ready for bed, hopefull that when we have our "awards ceremony" tomorrow that we have come out in first place. Night,  night everybody!

Thurs 29/6/17 - 18.34hrs - Just finished our dinner and about to go for a final practice before the talent show tonight. Wish us luck!

Thurs 29/6/17 - 16.29hrs - Had a great time at the chocolate factoryand got to make our own chocolate lollipop! We also tasted chocolate in all it's stages of development - it wasn't very tasty during Mayan times! We're now at the Merchant Adventurers Hall using props and solving group challenges.

Thurs 29/6/17 - 11.57hrs - We survived the dungeons!! Everybody had a fun and frightful experience. We are now having lunch in the park before going to get ice-creams. Next stop, the chocolate factory.

Thurs 29/6/17 - 10.41 - Had a lovely breakfast of bacon and tomatoes this morning and now at the dungeons yelling for our Lord Viking. Mrs Cox has come to join us for the day. Miss McCutcheon has been chosen as the weak and disappointing Saxon that is at fault for all our punishments! Thank goodness Mrs Raz has been our saviour and led us forward.

Weds 28/6/17 - 18.41hrs - Had a lovely chilled hour and a half watching a movie and having popcorn and jaffa cakes. Now at the swimming pool having fun. The rain is not bringing us down!!

Weds 28/6/17 - 14.21hrs - Had a great time at Jorvik. Luckily this year we got to experience the Jorvik Centre and go on the ride. We also had fun at the dig and found a variety of fossils.

Weds 28/6/17 - 07.32hrs - Getting ready for the day after a good nights sleep. Everybody fell asleep really quickly and had to be woken this morning - the walking is taking it's toll!! We will be heading to the Jorvik Centre today, which will help us avoid this horrible weather!

Tues 27/6/17 - 16.47hrs - We've been to the railway museum and enjoyed looking at all the trains. We're now heading back to the accomodation for a well needed rest. We've completed over 10,000 steps already and the children are exhausted! Ghost walk later, so we best get prepared to walk some more.

Tues 27/6/17 - 12.32hrs - At the Castle Museum looking around. We've purchased some sweets from an Old Victorian Sweet Shop and been shut in a dungeon by Mrs Raz! She let us out eventually though. Just had our lunch and now continuing our journey around the museum.

Tues 27/6/17 - 08.57hrs - We have just finished our breakfast and are getting ready for room inspections. Everybody slept well last night and rose early this morning....some a little too early for us adults! We will be heading out to the Castle Museum shortly.

Mon 26/6/17 - 20.25hrs - Currently playing games in the park after having shepherds pie for dinner. Everybody has had a great day visiting the York Minster.

Mon 26/6/17 - 13.41hrs - Having lunch in the park. All the children are managing well......the same cannot be said for Mr Pattison who has spilt his drink all over himself. The children enjoyed walking around York on the walls. We will be heading to the York Minster for a guided tour at 3pm.

Mon 26/6/17 - 12.26hrs - We have arrived safely and are allocating rooms, children are choosing which bed they would like. Shortly we will be heading out for a walk around the walls and have lunch.

Mon 26/6/17 - 0930hrs - We are currently on the A1 and everybody is safe and happy. We will let you know when we arrive safely.