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The Local Authority are the appointing body for LA Trustees.

Alderman Jacobs School Governing Body

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Laura Holland - Chair Of Trustees

 Laura Holland LA Governor

  • Chair Of Trustees
  • Community Trustee

I joined the governing body as a community Trustee in 2009. Now both my young children (4 & 7) attend the school. I have lived in Whittlesey for the past 15 years. I work for Cancer Research UK as a senior manager in volunteer fundraising. I have always had a great interest in primary education and I have watched the school change and grow over the years and I wish to ensure that it continues to be a strong part of the community within which I live.

Jenny Johnson - Vice Chair of Trustees

  • Parent Trustee
  • Vice-Chair of Trustees

I joined the governing body in July 2016 as a parent Trustee . I have two children at the school, the eldest in year 6 and the youngest in year 4. I volunteered in the school for three years and have run after school clubs for the past two years. I am interested in all aspects of education and feel strongly that children should have the opportunity to explore, learn and grow in a safe and encouraging environment. I am keen to support and challenge the school to ensure that all of the children in the school are able to achieve their best.


Laura Hemmaway - Parent Trustee

  • Parent Trustee
  • Achievement Committee Chair

My name is Laura Hemmaway, my husband and I have two children our eldest is 7 and currently in year 3 and our youngest is 3 and attends Lilliput Pre-school. As a parent I am passionate in my desire to help the school achieve the best possible school experience for all children, which will in turn help to give them the best start for a happy, healthy life as they grow. Like every other parent, I want the very best for my children. I want them to be happy, confident and achieve to the best of their ability. I will use the skills I have gained in both my working and personal life to benefit the school, to the best of my ability.

Eamonn Dorling - Local Authority Trustee 

  • Local Authority Trustee

I have lived in the town for over 35 years, both my daughters attended Alderman Jacobs Primary School, then SHSCC and my grandchildren currently attend Alderman Jacobs Primary School.

I am an active member of the local running club and believe that sporting activity and healthy living can help in educational achievement. A local councillor trying to “put something back” with a financial and business background that may be of help to the academy.

Lisa Hatfield - Staff Trustee

  • Staff Trustee

I have worked at Alderman Jacobs School for 18 years and during this time I have accrued a vast amount of teaching experience across both key stages and in Early Years.  I have seen, and been involved in, many changes over the years and would now like to become even more involved in shaping the future progress of our school. I consider myself to be a trusted and approachable member of staff and as my daughter is a pupil in the school I can consider the perspective of both parents and staff. My confidence and enthusiasm will enable me to successfully deliver new ideas and initiaives to drive forward change.


Mr Trevor Goakes - Parent Trustee 

  • Parent Trustee

I have been working in Primary education from 2004. I love teaching and the impact it has on young minds especially. As a class teacher, your class are and rightly so your main focus. However, since coming out of the classroom I appreciate more how everyone involved with the school has a part in giving our children the best education and start to life possible. My daughter is currently in Year 1 after enjoying an excellent Early Years. As a Trustee  I look forward to helping and supporting the school in lots of ways. By working together we can ensure all children are successful in life.

Joel Combes - Co-Opted Trustee 

  • Co-Opted Trustee
  • Resources and Audit Committee Chair

My name is Joel Combes and I was invited to join the Governing Body as a co- opted Trustee  in the summer of 2017. My wife has taught at the school for many years and my daughter is a pupil. This means that over the years I have been witness to many changes.

I am a Director at Lawgistics, a law firm that relocated to Whittlesey Town. The relocation has given me a better work life balance and enabled me to focus on my family life. With my daughter currently attending Alderman Jacobs I have enjoyed looking at the school from a different perspective. I am a supporter of the FOAJS (Friends of Alderman Jacobs School Charity) and enjoy being involved in School events.

Being invited to sit on the board of Trustees was a great honour and allows me to take an even more active role within the school. I believe my knowledge of the school’s history and experience in commercial business can be used to both support and challenge the school in the decisions they must make. I look forward to helping the school maintain their achievements and high standards.

Mrs Denise Burt - Support Staff Trustee 

  • Staff Trustee

Hello, my name is Denise Burt. I have 2 children one is presently on an apprenticeship and the other is at secondary school. I have been working in school for 12 years. I first started as a Teaching Assistant, working with children with Autism. After 7 years I became TA Team leader, then my role changed slightly and now includes Child Protection. I thoroughly enjoy both my roles in school.

Mrs Cathy Carlisle - Ex-Officio Trustee 

  • Ex-Officio Trustee

I joined Alderman Jacobs in September 2012 and became Headteacher in April 2014. I have taught across the age range 4-11 but have a specialism in Early Years education. I firmly believe that children need a strong foundation on which to base their knowledge and understanding and in the importance of developing skills for learning and for life. Having also previously worked as Operations Manager with a children's charity I bring a variety of skills to the role of Headteacher.

 Nicky Baker - Staff Trustee


  • Staff Trustee

I have had the pleasure of working at Alderman Jacobs Primary School for a number of years having spent three years in Lincoln achieving my BEd degree in order to fulfil a lifetime ambition to become a primary school teacher. During my time here I have grown very proud and very passionate about our school, the children, adults and families that make it so special.

I first became a Trustee  at Sir Harry Smith Community College quite some time ago where I was a regular member and chaired one of the sub-committees; hence I am well informed in how a governing body works.

Upon my appointment as Deputy Head teacher I resigned from this group as I knew I would need to focus closer to home.

When not working I enjoy my hobbies of bird watching and horse riding which gives me a complete break from my day job! More recently I became a very proud grandparent and I now strive to make our school the very best it can be before she starts!

Andrew Pattison - Staff Trustee

  • Staff Trustee

Having worked at Alderman Jacobs for a number of years I have a range of experience to support my role as Associate Trustee. As a teacher I have taught in various years groups across both Key Stages 1 and 2, and enjoy embracing the challenges and opportunities of new ideas and approaches. I have also held leadership roles in Maths, English and several core subjects which demonstrates a deep understanding of curriculum and pedagogical requirements.

I am currently Assistant Headteacher - Lower School and work with my colleagues to implement developments with a focus on increasing achievement and attainment. I aim to bring this knowledge and experience, plus my understanding of colleague’s views, to support the governing body.




 Michaela Southwell - Parent Trustee

 Parent Trustee

My name is Michaela. My husband and I have two children together aged 4 and 1. Since my eldest started school in September I have really enjoyed taking part in school activities and would love to be more involved. I want the very best for my children and for them to have a healthy and happy school life. I would like to know the school better and encourage good relationships throughout the school with parents, staff and children.
I like to be active and enjoy a challenge which will work towards helping the children
achieve their very best through school.

 Nicola Paterson - Parent Trustee

My name is Nicola Paterson, I have grown up in Whittlesey and I have a long history with Alderman Jacobs School. My Dad was a pupil here, then myself, and my son has joined the Early Years last September. My family has been involved with the school for many years, my Dad was a parent Trustee  and my Mum was a teaching assistant for many years. I have very fond memories at AJS and like all parents I want the same for my son. As parents we all want the very best for our children. We want them to be happy, confident and become the very best they can be. As parents we need to support the school but when necessary we should also put the school under scrutiny and challenge when necessary.

I work in healthcare and have done for the past 18 years so am used to working directly with people, I am approachable and proactive. I’m up to date with current safeguarding legislation and know how important it is so that we can protect those around us. I have worked in management for 14 years and I feel the skills I have gained during this time will benefit me in a Parent Trustee role. I am used to ensuring services meet set standards and that budgets are up held. I am experienced in completing audits, interpreting data, feeding back my findings and implementing actions plans. I also have experience in project management and I excel in creating and maintaining links with service providers, and both internal and external agencies.

Being brought up in Whittlesey I have strong community links, I have excellent connections with many local business owners and I am also a trustee for an animal charity based in Whittlesey which I believe could also open more links and opportunities for the school and its pupils.

My goal as a parent Trustee would be to become the schools crucial friend, helping drive and support h school with their plans, evaluate and monitor the progress and challenging where necessary to ensure our children receive the best possible education.

Alderman Jacobs is an excellent primary school and I would love to be part of the future development of the school and to help maintain and improve its high standards and Ofsted status. By doing this ensuring our children are happy, confident, educated to a high standard and help create happy and fond memories of the school for all.

Elaine Crane - Associate Trustee 

I have worked at Alderman Jacobs School for 4 years, first as Assistant Headteacher, and now as Deputy Headteacher. Before this I held a number of teaching and leadership positions in primary, secondary and middle schools, teaching across Key stages 2, 3 and 4. I have background in coaching and mentoring students, teachers, NQTs and experienced colleagues.

I am responsible for achievement across the school (my love of data is well known) and I lead the Assistant Headteachers, English and Maths leaders in their roles. I am also a Specialist Leader in Education, enabling me to support colleagues in other schools with teaching, learning and assessment objectives, through the Discovery Teaching School Alliance. I bring in-depth knowledge of primary school assessment and outstanding teaching and learning to my role as Associate Trustee  and am proud to support the governing body of Alderman Jacobs School.