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New Blog Post - Tuesday

Today has been a fun and tiring day. We are now feeling the muscle ache in our feet and legs! This morning, after breakfast, we ventured to the Castle Museum. We spent time wandering through the various rooms, such as World War One, The history of toys and The Sixties, finding out lot of fun facts. We also braved the prison cells and heard the stories of many prisoners whilst we experienced being in an actual cell. As the sun was shining, some of us managed to eat lunch outside and were approached by numerous geese for our sandwiches! Even Miss Vickers got a bit scared. Luckily, they realised we weren’t prepared to share and waddled off. We then split off into groups and set off on a cat hunt around York! We used our map reading skills and searched for various cat sculptures hidden around York on different buildings. We got to know the city lots more whilst having fun and getting active. Miss Vickers group managed to find all of the cats in the shortest time. Everybody then enjoyed an ice cream in the Museum Gardens. We are now tucked up in bed after our final activity, which was a gory tour of York with Mad Alice.