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Thursday's Post

A day full of making more memories - Happy Birthday Assieh!

Everybody went to bed Wednesday night excited to wake up and wish Assieh a happy birthday - we had all signed a card for her ready for the morning. 
After breakfast, we all walked into the centre ready for the dungeons. Apprehension was high and everybody was wondering what they were going to be experiencing inside. Lots of screams and laughter later we made it through! Each one of us braver than we thought we were and some of us exclaiming it was the best thing ever.

We ate our lunch in the museum gardens and had a chill for an hour while reapplying our sun cream - it was a hot afternoon! Charlie and James performed a song they had learned to us and Assieh ate her lunch near her lovely birthday balloons!

Next it was on to the Minster! Mr Pattison and Mrs Carlisle took half of us on an informative tour, while the other half explored the crypt and then we swapped groups. We couldn't believe the sheer size of the windows and ow much decorative detail had gone into the building itself! 

After the Minster, we headed to the dessert lounge for Assieh's birthday treat. It was beautiful inside! We all got to have a chosen dessert and a drink which Assieh's parents treated us to - a huge thank you to them! Assieh had her balloons at the table and they made her a special birthday plate with a candle so we could all sing to her. It was so yummy and everybody savoured every mouthful! 

In the evening, we headed back into the centre for a ghost walk. We split into two groups and listened to gory stories of olden days in York which were really interesting and some spooky ghost stories. 

A fabulous Thursday indeed!