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Passport Day - International Food Day

On November 24th AJS celebrated International Food Day. The children from Early Years to Year 5, spent the day in their own classrooms, finding out about their class country and making an item of food that had connections to that country, for example Paella was tested in Spain whilst Japan enjoyed both making and eating sushi.

The children from Year 6 suported the pupils across school. The day began with a whole school assembly in which a representative from Food for Life presented the school with our Bronze certificate, a project that Mrs Baker has been leading across school over the last 15 months. After numerous bowls of washing up and many new tastes tried, we opened our doors to parents and pre-schoolers to see the results and even try some of the delights.

We will return to our normal passport days for the next 2 dates this year but we plan to recreate the event next year.

As always we are interested in your feedback and if you would like to let us know your thoughts, please drop us an e-mail via and mark for the attention of Mrs Baker.