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Yr 4 Molly Dancing ~ Straw Bear Festival

26 children from Year 4 took part in the Strawbear Festival on Saturday 13th January. The children had been practicing for 8 weeks and were ready to showcase the 3 dances they had learned.

As they arrived at the Manor Leisure Centre the excitement was seen in all of the children's faces. They were dressed in colourful clothes and they wore masks that they had decorated. We first of all took part in the procession through the town to our first dance spot outside the Whittlesey Pharmacy. We took it in turns with 3 other groups to perform and after each performance the children got a loud clap and cheer from the audience watching. We then moved onto our next dance spot which was the market place. Again the children remembered their dance moves and to perform to the crowd. All the children did an amazing job and thank you to the parents who gave up their time to bring them to this event.