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Year 2 - Woburn Safari Park

Year 2 trip to Woburn Safari Park
Just before the Easter holidays, Year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Woburn Safari park! When we arrived at the park, we travelled on the road safari, where we got to see lots of different animals. We even saw some brown bears climbing trees and swinging in a hammock! One of our favourite parts was watching the monkeys climbing on the coaches! During our visit, we had an interactive lesson with one of the zoo keepers at Woburn. She talked to us about animal adaptions and helped us to add to our learning from our Science and Geography topics. After lunch we got to explore the foot safari, where we saw lots of other interesting animals including wallabies, penguins, meerkats and snakes! A big thank you to the parent helpers who came along for the day, everyone had a brilliant time!