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Yr 6 Trip to Duxford

Yr 6 Visit to Duxford

Year 6 had a wonderful time at Duxford adding to their learning about the Battle Of Britain and the important people involved in the campaign. They learnt about how everyone, from ordinary people to Air Chief Marshall Hugh 'Stuffy' Dowding all played their part in the war effort. The wonderful research done by children in their holiday homework and in class impressed the historian who led the workshop session, as several children knew key information already. The whole day added to the children's excitement about their learning as the photos show.


Year 6 Duxford Trip

Today we went to Duxford Air Museum. When we arrived we all looked in a hanger that was full of planes and scenes. One was an enemy that had crashed, and another was a British pilot that had completed his mission safely and had a thumbs up.

Then we went to the learning room. We got to ask questions and got told a lot of information.

Some of us were given hats to represent the people in the war. I was given the hat of balloon control. After that, we went to where we would do our jobs. I had a truck that I drove around in.

Next we went and looked around all of the hangers. Some of the planes were in pieces and some were fully complete.

After lunch we went to the American Military section and saw some massive planes, some of which we could see inside the cockpit. There were some missiles that had been taken apart.

Finally we got on the bus and went home.

Emilie P