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Thank you to FOAJS

A huge thank you to Friends of AJS who recently purchased two Clevertouch Interactive HD screens for school.

The screens are high definition giving a great clarity to the screen, it also means the screen will not be affected by sunlight and children will be able to see the screen more clearly, regardless of where they are sitting in the classroom. Up to six pupils can use the screen at the same time, and it is on an electronically adjustable trolley, so at the press of a button, the screen can be altered to accomodate the height of the child or staff member.

The trolley also means that the board is mobile and can be moved anywhere around the room or around school. There are built in speakers and there is no longer the need for projectors or expensive replacement projector lamps.

The screen also comes with software which includes Wordwall, a bank of activities in Maths, English and Science, and Displaynote, which allows ipads or mobile devices to be linked to the screen. They however, can still be used to display the usual resources when linked to a staff laptop.

The screens are a fantastic additional to the school and the children really enjoy them. Once again a massive thank you to FOAJS for their kind generosity and, of course, to all the parents who have supported and donated at fundraising events.