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Feedback to improve Learning

Marking and feedback to pupils:

Feedback marking at AJS is meaningful, manageable and motivating. It is personalised to each
child, depending on their age and stage. When marking and giving feedback, the intention is:

  •  to move learning on for each pupil so that all can achieve their potential
  • to address misconceptions as soon as possible so that children gain the knowledge and skills appropriate to their year group expectations
  • to inform teacher judgements and future teaching, whether that be ‘in the moment’ or after the lesson in preparation for the following day
  • to show the value of the efforts pupils make to progress in their knowledge and understanding
  • to acknowledging the importance of pupil engagement in the process of learning


When gauging the impact of feedback marking, the following will be considered:

  • Future application – can the pupil, in the future, show they have acquired a skill or knowledge by using it in their work?
  • Responsive teaching - does the teaching focus change in the lesson and/or in the subsequent lesson due to feedback from the learning?
  • Progress – does the pupil make progress over time?
  • Engagement - does the pupil understand that skills and knowledge are constantly developing?
  • Targets – does the pupil have a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful and make progress in their work?
  • Teacher focus – Does the teacher spend more time planning as a result of learning taking place than they do giving feedback?