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Stibbington Day 2

Some of us were obviously very excited and raring to go as we were awake at 5.30😱. After breakfast, we completed our eco tasks - the Garden Gang fed the birds; the Power Rangers recorded the temperature and checked all the lights were turned off; and the Waste Wizards sorted the recycling. When all tasks were complete, it was time to learn about wetland habitats.

We left Stibbington indoor centre and walked to Stibbington lake. We spent some time looking for ‘colours’ and then we collected them in order to make a bookmark. Half way around the lake we found our pond dipping spot. Caroline, our leader, taught  us how to use a classification key to identify any creatures that we found.  Thankfully, nobody fell in the lake and we were all able to dip and find something to look at. We were quite amazed to see some aggressive water beetle larvae  eating each other!

After lunch, we collected some leaves and twigs and used photo paper to make shadow bookmarks.  We then made clay insects and finally saved the polar bear from the melting ice cap and transported the Golden Snitch.

Unfortunately, ‘rain stopped play’ again this evening. However, we were treated to part 2 of AJS Has Got Talent and ended the evening with a virtual indoor campfire.

Tomorrow evacuation awaits!