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Stibbington Day 3

After a hearty breakfast, we waved goodbye to Lesley, and walked to Wansford Station to meet some other children who, like us, were being evacuated. Miss Smith, the billeting officer (and teacher) walked with us from the station to Stibbington village where most of us would be staying.  We arrived at Stibbington School and were shown how to fill in our Identity cards. Some of our brothers and sisters hadn’t joined us yet, but we put on a brave face and did as we were told.

After lunch, we went into our classroom for a gas mask practice.  Hopefully we will never have to use them.  Next, it was time to practise our spellings. However, we had only just started when we heard the sound of aeroplanes overhead. Miss Smith carried on regardless, but the sound continued. Suddenly, we heard the air raid siren and we were told to leave the classroom for the shelter. It was very scary down there and we fought hard to keep back the tears. After the all clear was given, we returned the class to finish our spellings. 

Miss Smith told us that our guardians would be arriving soon and went outside to meet them. She returned alone .....and back in 2019!

We now understand a little of what life in 1939 was like for children of our age.