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Teaching Staff

School Organisation

Chief Executive Officer Mrs Cathy Carlisle
Headteacher Mr Martin Fry
Assistant Head of Early Years

Mr Andrew Pattison

Assistant Head of Lower School (1/2) Mr Andrew Pattison
Assistant Head of Middle School (3/4) Miss Emma Vickers
Assistant Head of Upper School (5/6) Miss Sarah Miles
SENDCO Mrs Kirsty White

Year Groups

Early Years

Mrs Sarah Combes
Mrs Chelsea Evans & Mrs Rebecca Cook
Mrs Donna Agger

Year 1

Mrs Louise Jackson/Mrs Hazel Montgomery
Mr Jason Brown
Miss Kayla Neacy

Year 2

Mrs Sophie Deplancke
Miss Poppy Clarke
Mrs Naomi Smith-York

Year 3

Mrs Debbie Hollis
Mrs Jenny Smith
Mrs Emma Revell/Mrs Anne Forsyth


Year 4

Miss Rebecca Ward
Miss Lindsay Sharp
Mrs Ruth Taylor

Year 5

Mrs Kate Eskikoy
Mr Adam Winfield

Miss Syreeta Clifford




Year 6

Miss Laura Wilkins
Miss Emily Smith

Miss Jadeane Christian


Mrs Hayley Cradock PE Specialist Teacher