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Cross Country Competition

On Friday 29th January AJS took 25 Year 5/6 children to a Cross Country Competition at Sir Harry Smith Community College. The competition involved the children running in either an individual boy's or girl's event or taking part in the team relay.

For the individual race the children had to run approximately 1 mile. The team relay covered the same distance but each team member ran approximately 300m. All schools were given a talk from the race organiser about the course and order of events and a short warm up session took place to prepare the children for the event.

All the children did extemely well running to the best of their ability. The top boys included Jack B and Jack H (yr6) and Bradley H (yr5) who took the top three places overall. The top girls included Megan O'D (yr5) and Lilia R, Caitlin H, Chloe R and Zara I, (yr6), who came in the top 10 overall.

There were separate events in the team relays with AJS Yr 6 Team 1 coming first overall and AJS Year 5 team 2 coming first overall.

Congratulations to everyone who placed and took part in the competition - it was not an easy day to run and everyone competed enthusiastically and showed great determiniation. Thank you to the Yr8 Young Leaders from SHSCC who encouraged the runners by joining them during the racing, photographed the event and placed the children as they crossed the line.