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Cafe for all - Early Years

During the last week before half term, we introduced the Cafe for All programme to AJS. Please read below for further information. There are more photos on the Early Years page.

Over the three days we welcomed many relatives into our classrooms to share in our practise and develop closer links with parents and pre-school children. The work was planned by the class teachers and delivered with the support and training of Mrs Baker who had recently attended training herself. 

During the afternoons it was possible to share a traditional tale with both adults and children alike, create masks and puppets to be taken home to develop speaking and listening and also time was given for the adults and children to enjoy a simple, cold snack and catch up with friends or make new ones.

On each afternoon the atmosphere within the classes was warm and busy and it also gave the class teachers time to talk to both adults and children alike. Towards the end of the activities the contents of the swap boxes were highlighted and some new books were added, including the one that had been shared this week. It was very clear that the swap boxes were proving very popular with both the children and the parents and they were being very well used. I have included some pictures taken during these first “Cafes” at the end of this article.

Looking forwards, I intend to introduce the swap boxes into year one in early June and then follow up the Café for All in EY in week three of the new term when the new teachers can carry out a very similar one for the new parents and then again in early years as we approach Christmas with a Christmas theme.

In September I hope to be able to roll this type of programme through quickly and deliver similar sessions for teachers in Year 1 in the early weeks of September and then again in the approach to Christmas.

I will of course share dates etc. with you as soon as we have them finalised.

I look forward to working with you again soon

N Baker