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Assembly Dates

Each year children invite parents, cares or a family members to join them for a class assembly. The format for assemblies can vary from a "Learning Market"; and interactive session where the children show examples of their learning and the activities, investigations, performances and work they have been doing, to a class performance of a play or story.

Attending an assembly is a great way to spend time in school and find out about what your children have been learning.

Assemblies take place at 9.00am on a Wednesday and normally last up to 30 minutes. Assemblies are held in the main school hall.

18 March 2020 Fiji
25 March 2020 New Zealand
29 April 2020 Spain
6 May 2020 Italy
20 May 2020 France
10 June 2020 Chile
17 June 2020 Brazil
24 June 2020 Egypt
1 July 2020 Kenya
8 July 2020 Morocco
15 July 2020 Year 6 Performance ~ Surname A-H
16 July 2020 Year 6 Performance ~ Surname I-Z