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Assistant Headteacher Early Years

Mrs Sarah Holdsworth

Lead Early Years Practioner Miss Zoe Whitwell
Early Years Practioner

Mrs Kerry Smith

Early Years Practitioner Mrs Cassandra Harding
Early Years Practitioner Mrs Fay Neal
Assistant Early Years Practitioner Mrs Ellie Jackson-Neale
Assistant Early Years Practitioner Mrs Valerie Hargrave
Apprentice Early Years Educator Miss Jodilynn Fernie

Our pre school is now full for the 2023-2024 school year. 

If you are interested in a place for our 2024/2025 school year and would like to view our setting, please feel free to book a place at an open session by clicking on the link to the right. We will be accepting applications after the first open session on Wednesday 18th October.



Mrs Sarah Holdsworth                       Miss Zoe Whitwell                     Mrs Fay Neal                     Mrs Kerry Smith



Mrs Cassandra Harding              Mrs Val Hargrave                Mrs Ellie Jackson-Neale     Miss Jodilynn Fernie