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School Council

The AJS school council as a central part of our school and seeking the views of our pupils is incredibly important to us. Our school council is made up of 21 children who represent every class in school. The children are voted in to their roles at the beginning of the year and remain school council reps for the whole year. Meetings take place every month and they are chaired by the children themselves. Agendas are provided and minutes are taken by the children.

This is what our school council reps have to say about the role of the school council.

Why do we have a school council?

  • To make the school run well
  • To get new ideas
  • To sort out school problems
  • So that children can give suggestions instead of just the teachers
  • To make the school more friendly
  • To make everyone’s ideas count!

What do we learn from having a school council?

  • To be responsible
  • How to behave in meetings, including taking votes
  • To respect other people’s ideas and to listen to them
  • To have good manners, to share and to be patient
  • To not be afraid of sharing ideas and develop confidence
  • To understand that you can’t always have your own way