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Day 2

Today we went on a treasure hunt searching for pirate gold. After a quick lesson in compass and map skills, we walked through the fields to the river.  Using our compasses, we used 4 figure coordinates to search for clues which eventually led us to a pot of gold (gold coloured toffee, that is!) While Mrs Baker and Mrs Buffham took their groups on a more direct route , Mrs Hollis’ group took the scenic route! Much more interesting 😊

After lunch we had some ecotime both in and out of the classroom. We watered the plants, sorted the recycling and checked the temperature and wind direction.  After that, it was time to check out the creatures in the pond, rescue the polar bear from the melting ice cap and transport the Golden Snitch across the story circle. All in a day’s learning!

Tonight sees part 1 of AJS Has Got Talent. Watch this space for the latest news on the stars of the future!🤩🤩